Paisley’s walk on water

[singlepic id=297 w=320 h=240 float=left]There’s something about Chicago for country star Brad Paisley. Maybe it’s because his wife, Kimberly Williams, spent time in the area when she attended Northwestern or maybe because Chicago has one of the largest country radio stations, and fan base, in the business. What that connection might be remains uncertain but, on Friday, it was clearly Sweet Home Chicago for this country music star.

“I really am in awe of your city and your people, Chicago. Thank you for making me a part of it tonight,” said Paisley in a tweet after his Friday night performance.

Being one of the most anticipated country concerts of the summer, it’s safe to say that fans at the nearly-packed First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre felt the same awe, and devotion, for the country star. Even in a season where concert sales have been on the decline and the temperatures pushing triple digits, the incline of the southwest suburban amphitheatre lawn was packed with area music fans.

Paisley opened with his current radio single, “Water”, and crafted the remainder of his set mostly with his number ones. Except for a few comedy infused interludes, Paisley only stopped to lend his two cents on growing up, prior to “Letter to Me” and tips for being a guy prior to “I’m Still a Guy”. Harnessing the power of recorded video, famed television star Andy Griffith join Paisley for a tribute like version of “Waitin’ on a Woman” and later Alison Krauss appeared for the duet portion of their 2004 hit, “Whiskey Lullaby”.

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It would be unfair to attribute all of Friday night’s success to Paisley’s likeable quirkiness and heartfelt ballads. Country music stars Darius Rucker, along with Justin Moore, Josh Thompson, Steel Magnolia and Easton Corbin, joined Paisley on what is billed as the H2O Tour, complete with slip n’ slides and water themed entertainment.

Setting all of the water themed songs and pool references aside, the H2O Tour is to create awareness for Hope Through Healing Hands, a project to bring clean drinking water to impoverished areas. Something that Paisley, along with his tour mates, have championed for.

Mr. Paisley’s Set List:

American Saturday Night
Sweet Home Chicago intro
Wrapped Around
She’s Everything
You Do The Math
Waiting on a Woman
Catch all the Fish
Download on iTunes:
Letter To Me
Fishin’ in the Dark
Mud on the Tires
I’m Still a Guy
Whiskey Lullaby
The World
I’m Gonna Miss Her
Welcome To The Future



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  • Jon Kaplan

    Brad Paisley writes some of the most intelligent, yet accessible, songs on country radio. Best of all, he just seems to be a really down-to-Earth, decent guy. I’m glad his Chicago set went so well. The H2O Tour is a very worthwhile endeavor. let’s just hope they don’t have to use some of the money raised to help provide clean water to our own Gulf region.

  • Susan G

    Does anyone know if Alison Krauss was at this Brad Paisley concert in Tinley Park? We’re trying to figure this out because it looked like she was at the concert!

    • bradbuzz

      she wasn’t there, it was a clever little trick of film. sure did look real, though, didn’t it?
      anyone know who the blackhawk player was who was there at the end?

      • JimS.

        Brad’s performances up the ante when it comes to incorporating video duets. Sorry, it may not have been as obvious as the Andy Griffith video but Alison Krauss is not at these shows. They make it look like she is when they cast a spotlight on her with a fake head shadow. I was at the Houston show tonight and saw how they did this up close.

  • Staff

    I’m not sure about the Blackhawk star, was it Patrick Kane?

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