Channel 7 covers the Country Scene

Joe’s Bar, US99 and received a special shout out from ABC7 Chicago reporter John Garcia during a special segment featuring the local country music scene.  The report aired on the 10PM newscast following the CMA Awards, which also aired on the same network.

ABC news anchor Kathy Brock with reporter John Garcia (screen).

“Sources” tell me John is quite the country fan himself.  So if you see him at Joe’s, be sure to buy him a beer.  (Always wanted to say this)  Kathy, back to you…

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Scott Winterroth is Online Editor & Publisher. What started with a borrowed Garth Brooks Greatest Hits album in the early '90s and listening to US99.5, Chicago's country music radio station, has escalated into an outright obsession for country music. In order to share his love and passion with others, he created Country Music Chicago. Scott's vision for CMC is to organize Chicago's country music scene, promote local talent and help Chicago become the premier country music destination outside the city of Nashville. Scott on Google+