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Joey + Rory & the Kids

Merry Kidsmas Joey+Rory, the hushband and wife duo that first came into living rooms via CMT’s hit series Can You Duet, has coupled with the Song Trust to release a Christmas CD called Merry Kidsmas.

The album, all sung by children, embodies what Christmas is all about.

The voices of the children are not those of highly-coached, up-and coming superstars, they are real children singing real music about what Christmas means.

The album is a bunch of fun-loving songs one would expect to hear from the mouths of kids.

A song from a sister wishing for rocks for her brother, siblings trying to catch Santa in the action and a tune when the rocks are delivered under the tree are mixed with classics like “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” and “The Little Drummer Boy.”

Along with all the holiday cheer is “Bring him home, Santa.” It is a song from a little girl asking for her dad to be brought home from Iraq for Christmas that would make Scrooge tear up.

This is a must have album for Christmas this year and for years to come.  – Mark Gregory

To hear “It’s Christmas Time,” “Box of Rocks” and “Bring Him Home Santa,” click here.

Download “Merry Kidsmas” on iTunes: The Song Trust - Merry Kidsmas

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