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Jamey Johnson – The Guitar Song

The Guitar Song
By: Jamey Johnson

Release Date: September 14, 2010
Mercury Nashville

Preview and download “The Guitar Song” on on iTunes: The

It seems like a lot of industry folks have given Jamey Johnson this hardcore outlaw label and, well, in some aspects they might be correct. The man hardly speaks when on stage, he has a scruffy beard and almost always wears black. Not exactly the traits written in today’s prescription for country radio airplay. Although Johnson’s recent sophomore release does live up to those hard-knock, rebel-loveing times with tracks “Lonely At The Top”, “Cover Your Eyes” and “Heartache” it also provides a window like opportunity for listeners to observe the road this Alabama native has traveled.

“The album starts out in a deep, dismal dark place and ends up in a far better place,” Johnson explains. “That’s kind of what happened to me over the past several years.”

Dubbed over two “albums” labeled black and white, “The Guitar Song” journey features what could be considered a brand new look into Johnson’s persona. From the tribute songs like “Set ‘Em Up Joe” and “That’s Why I Write Songs” to his gospel inspired tracks like “I Remember You”, in the “The Guitar Song” Johnson truly walks that line from country bad-ass to where’s my holy redeemer.

While the album format might be Johnson’s best avenue these days, we can hope for a bit of radio time with “My Way To You” and “Front Porch Swing Afternoon”.

This is a journey well worth the trip. Buy it and really listen to it.

Catch Jamey Johnson with Josh Thompson on December 1 at the Prairie Capital Convention Center – Chicago Country Concert Calendar.

Track Listing:

Black Album:

  1. Lonely At The Top
  2. Cover Your Eyes
  3. Poor Man Blues
  4. Set ‘Em Up Joe
  5. Playing The Part
  6. Baby Don’t Cry
  7. Heaven Bound
  8. Can’t Cash My Checks
  9. That’s How I Don’t Love You
  10. Heartache
  11. Mental Revenge
  12. Even The Skies are Blue

White Album:

  1. By The Seat Of Your Pants
  2. California Riots
  3. Dog In The Yard
  4. The Guitar Song
  5. That’s Why I Write Songs
  6. Macon
  7. Thankful For The Rain
  8. Good Morning Sunrise
  9. Front Porch Swing Afternoon
  10. I Remember You
  11. Good Times Ain’t What They Used To Be
  12. For the Good Times
  13. May Way To You

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