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Acquired Taste - Country Music Chicago
Your source for country music in Chicago!

Acquired Taste

Join the movement to help revive the Chicago Country Music Festival and catch some free country music this Friday!

Loretta Lynn
As we prepare for the upcoming country music day at the annual Taste of Chicago festival, one can’t help to think about the days gone past. In early 2011, the once independent Chicago Country Music Festival joined a handful of other “niche” music festivals to become a scaled back component of the annual downtown taste festival. A story fueled by budget cut decisions and political moves, almost mimics a would be country song. This is just the beginning, not the end. Consider this year’s reincarnated country music day as a appetizer to hold fans over until we’re able to reinvent the former two-day festival. In the same way Loretta Lynn sung about woman’s rights and other controversial topics back in the 60’s, and because she just happens to be headlining Friday in Grant Park, her inspiration leads me to be a little bold and personally announce, for the first time, that joint-plans are in the works to help restore, or reinvent, the former Chicago Country Music Festival into something totally new. This grassroots movement by fans, for fans, is aimed at reviving our former downtown country showcase and help Chicago retain a twang town status. So Friends of the Chicago Country Music Festival, please join the movement and let’s rebuild this together. But first things first, join us in spreading the word at the Country Music Day at the Taste of Chicago and enjoy the free country music brought to you by the City of Chicago. [wp_geo_map]

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