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He's Got It All! - Country Music Chicago
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He’s Got It All!

Kenny Chesney sports a Anchor Gym shirt at Country Thunder Twin Lakes 2010.

Every girl wants him, every guy wants to look like him. He is the fittest man in Country music. Yes, you guessed it – we’re talking about Kenny Chesney!

So just what does Chesney do to look so great in his Levi’s and sleeveless shirt every night on stage? According to it is all about his vision and focus when he is in the gym. The same vision and focus that has helped land him at the top of the country music charts throughout the past 10 years.

The four time CMA Entertainer of the Year wasn’t always on top though. He spent much of the early 90s singing for tips

throughout Nashville, but once he started gaining momentum and success, Chesney knew he had to transform himself physically to be the best at what he does. Chesney told, “I have to train to do my show the way I want to do it. I’m not one of these guys that just stands there behind the microphone. I work really hard to give the fans the best possible concert.” By the looks of things, his hard work and dedication has paid off. In the past 10 years, Chesney has grossed approximately $500 million in concert sales.

Wondering what a healthier body could do for you? Try adopting the tips below that have helped Chesney become one of today’s buffest stars.

Make Time to Sweat– No matter how busy your schedule gets, never miss a workout. You can break a sweat and feel healthier even if you only have an extra 10 minutes in your day!

Think Beyond the Gym – Hate the feeling of going to the gym, but love the feeling when you leave? You’re not the only one! Focus your thoughts on how great you will feel once your workout is complete. This will help you push through your workout on those days you don’t feel like being at the gym.

Take a Cheat Day – No one can be perfect 100% of the time and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be. Designate one day a week and allow yourself to eat whatever you want. For Chesney, Sunday is the day he looks forward to indulging in his favorite foods. Knowing that you have one day every week when you can eat that cheeseburger and piece of chocolate cake will help make it easier to stick to a healthier diet the other six days.

Lose Yourself in Exercise – Life gets busy, so allow yourself to forget about all life’s distractions while you’re at the gym. For Chesney, jumping on the treadmill helps clear his mind. He tells, “When I’m at a 10 incline on the treadmill, I’m not thinking about everything else I have to do that day or what somebody wants or some place I have to be. There’s not much you can think about when you’re on a 10 incline.” Your workout doesn’t have to be that intense to help clear your head, but find an exercise that takes your focus off of everything going on around you. It could be swimming, yoga or you can do it Chesney style and set the incline at 10.

Dress the Part – Be proud of yourself and show off all the hard work you have been putting in at the gym! Chesney spends a lot of time perfecting his arms, so you will most likely find him in a sleeveless muscle shirt showing off his rock hard biceps.

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