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Hook, line and sink her.

There are two songs playing on the radio now about fishing, or are they?

From the album, “Proud to Be Here“, Trace Adkins sings about taking his daughter fishing but its’ really a chance to talk to her and spend time with her. He notes that time passes quickly, it will be over before you know it so make the best of it while you can, what better way than to go fishing. His daughter talks about girly things, ballet, her dolls, her friends, just about every single thing on her mind. The adorable thing about this is Trace being a dad and an adult realizes that this is precious time that he won’t be able to find again. His little girl thinks they are “just fishin” .

Yeah, you'll smirk like Craig Campbell after you listen to this song.

Speaking of precious time, Craig Campbell‘s song and video starts in the dark of night. His description at first is what is thought to be an “intimate sexual encounter” out in the woods, however in a very amusing twist turns out to be about, you guessed it, fishing.  The song is called, you guessed it, “Fish” from his self-titled album.

Country songs will do that to a body and they will do it all in the same day. One will be very emotional evoking tears while the other will have you blushing and grinning, both about different subjects yet both having something in common at the same time. That is something that makes country music so very loved, the emotional source from which it is drawn. On the one hand country music is about ‘ about living life, on the other hand it’s about living life, evoking tears and laughter both at the same time. There is no better expression of life than country music and the two different songs about fishing are a wonderful example of this. If you want time with your loved ones, go fishin’.  – EP

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