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Review: "Own The Night" - Country Music Chicago
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Review: “Own The Night”

We fell in love with Lady Antebellum when they sang Love Don’t Live Here, Long Gone and Need You Now. Everyone was wondering what they would do next and Own the Night is the very aptly titled CD that answers the question. They own the night and the world of country music as well. This well loved trio never fails to deliver. The harmonizing vocals of Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott paired with the musical talent of Dave Haywood is pure magic, over and over again.

Most of the songs on this CD are love songs. They go a bit out on a limb with Friday Night, a faster, up tempo song that is more talking mixed with singing than singing and it is fantastic. There are a couple sad songs the fantastic Cold As Stone with its’ beautifully ending instrumental bridge and Wanted you More where the harmonizing vocals of Dave and Hillary and the amazing instrumental talent of Dave Haywood is most evident. Another wonderful song is The Love I’ve Found In You, its’ upbeat tempo fit for a line dance.

Often the songs on albums seem to blend together and sound the same. This one does not. All the songs are different and are mixed in such a way that we do not feel like we are hearing the same thing over and over. We are hearing the amazing vocal range, instrumental talent and wonderful writing ( the trio wrote 10 of the 12 tracks) that makes us want to hear more and more from Lady A. As Charles sings in Heart of the World “love sweet love keep singing me home”. Let’s hope they do for years to come.

Lady Antebellum

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