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Review: Scotty McCreery - “Clear As Day” - Country Music Chicago
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Review: Scotty McCreery – “Clear As Day”

I started this CD expecting to hear not so great music thinking this 18-year-old would not be worthy of a cd already, he is just getting started. I was in for a shut-the-front-door type of shock as I listened to this deep bass, deep south innocence yet pure classic country voice sing about love, the Bible, his faith, his parents, his friends, life, just about everything that would be on a country CD.

We have all heard him on American Idol but “Clear As Day” is Scotty McCreery all by himself singing original material, not covers of famous peoples’ songs. Yes, he has that deep bass voice that some have compared to Josh Turner, and rightly so, but he also reminds us of George Strait, Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks and Randy Travis. McCreery has that classic country sound that we love in other country artists. His deep voice makes him sound much older than he is, his song topics are classic country and his voice makes you want to come back for more and more, and more.

Just 18 years old this weekend, he already has a gold record, and on this his birthday weekend, his debut CD is #1 in iTunes, country and #1 in Top 100 albums. He is going to go on Tour with Brad Paisley in 2012.That is an incredible start for a debut album and also for someone so young. The standout songs on this CD are Water Tower Town, Dirty Dishes ( listening makes you feel like you are in his kitchen, and supper is ready ),Walk in the Country and his beautiful finish to the CD That Old King James which is a reflection of McCreery’s own personal faith. This young singer could very well be another superstar . We hope he will be around for years to come. His deep, velvet voice will be welcome.

Clear As Day - Scotty McCreery

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