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New Year, (some) New Music - Country Music Chicago
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New Year, (some) New Music

Eileen’s Blog

If you have been wondering where the reviews are, well, the country music industry slows down a bit after the major holiday shopping season. We just haven’t had a ton of new material to review!

Now, looking forward, the music release calendar is still pretty scarce but a few rather heavy hitters are set to release in Q1.

Now kicking off 2012 ,Tim McGraw will hit with his newest CD – Emotional Traffic – which is due out Jan. 24. On the same day, Kellie Pickler will release her sophomore album, “100 Proof”.

On February 7, country hitmaker Dierks Bentley will release his much anticipated “Home” along with a special Sweet HOME Chicago one-night stand at Joe’s Bar on February 9th.

I look forward to reviewing these albums and excited to begin 2012 with some new music.


Are you looking forward to these up coming releases? Let us know by leaving a comment.

One Response to New Year, (some) New Music

  1. Ha, you would think that Kellie would have an album with “Emotional” in the title and Tim McGraw would use something with 100 proof!  Oh country music, how things are changin’!.