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Gotta catch Joyful Noise - Country Music Chicago
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Gotta catch Joyful Noise

Eileen’s Blog:
Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah perform in a scene from "Joyful Noise"

The combination of Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton in this musical about a small town church choir trying to win a competition is pure magic. First of all the music in this movie is incredible and to be honest I am not a gospel music fan but you don’t have to be a fan of gospel music to want to clap your hands, dance and grin from ear to ear. I think this movie works on so many other levels besides the incredible music because it is about so much more than music. It is about love, tearing apart, forgiveness, the power of redemption, starting over but most of all its’ about love. These topics are the quintessential topics of country music as well.

Kris Kristofferson has a tiny part in this movie in the beginning. Later as Dolly is reminiscing about her life with him ( he was her characters’ husband), he comes back as a memory and dances with Dolly. It is rare to see a dance like that. On the surface it is two people slow dancing but there is so much love in their eyes, this scene is a little different than you would expect. The chemistry between Dolly’s grandson Randy and Queen Latifah’s daughter is so strong, you forget you are watching a movie. That’s another factor that makes this movie so wonderful, it feels like real life, you don’t feel like you are watching actors and that is what makes the difference. These actors put their heart and soul into the singing and into that competition, so much so that you not only KNOW they are going to win but you are cheering and clapping when they do.

A movie that makes you smile throughout, clap, cheer, dance, say awwww and cry (happy crying) all the while smiling is a rare movie indeed and movies like this are not made that often. When they are, they are precious treasures to keep.

Catch Joyful Noise in theaters now.

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