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Some Big Stars set for a Little Bar - Country Music Chicago
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Some Big Stars set for a Little Bar

Little Big Town

Little Big Town is one of those distinctive country bands that have the unique ability of being able to rile up the crowd with hand clapping hits such as Little White Church and Boondocks just as easily as they can tear their heart out in ballads like Kiss Goodbye and Shut Up Train. It just might be this God-given talent that makes them the ultimate band to play the rowdy, yet intimate Joe’s Bar in Chicago.

“Playing a smaller venue gives us the chance to play a full set of songs and go deeper into the albums, showcasing what Little Big Town is all about,” explains Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet in an exclusive interview with “While we love to play the arenas, the fans can seem so far away. I love how the smaller venues allow the fans to really get close to the music and musicians. It just feels good.”

Armed with miraculous four part harmonies and a unified love for music in general, Little Big Town says they are ready to take Joe’s Bar by storm. Sweet says Friday night’s set will include all of the favorites, including a selection of covers from the band’s wildly popular Scattered, Smothered and Covered web series of videos.

“(Scattered, Smothered and Covered) has really become a great avenue to be creative and go a little crazy,” says Sweet of the online series of videos that have featured the band performing everything from Lady Gaga’s Born this Way to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. “The songs feel really fresh and chances are some people might have never heard a certain song that way.”

Still riding high on the success of their 2010 chart topping album The Reason Why and last year’s popular arena tour with Sugarland, Sweet says 2012 will feature new music and a brand new summer tour for Little Big Town.

“We are doing the bulk of the recording for the new album in February,” explains Sweet. “We are super excited about the new music and being able to work with producer Jay Joyce. Who knows…we may break out some new music Friday night.”

Tickets for Saturday night’s show are currently sold out.  

Little Big Town’s “Shut Up Train” music video:


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