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Introducing DJ Miller - Country Music Chicago
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Introducing DJ Miller

Rising country star DJ Miller.

It was just a few short months ago when rising country star DJ Miller crossed paths with the one man he has spent his life idolizing….but had never once spoken a word to. What was the setting of this chance meeting you might ask?

A hotel lobby….of course.

“Chains couldn’t keep me from going up to talk to him,” laughs Miller of his recent brush with country music legend Garth Brooks just prior to his Country Music Hall of Fame induction in Nashville this past March. “{Garth} is such a big star, but he still took the time to talk to me for a few minutes. Throughout my career, I have been able to meet a ton of my favorite artists – some have made me smile, and some I have walked away from disappointed. Garth made me smile.”

Indeed, it has been Garth Brooks that Miller has imitated since first taking the stage at the age of just two years old. From stage presence to how he treats his fans, Miller says he is ready to put both ‘the work and the sweat’ that it takes to launch a successful career in country music, while still maintaining a down to earth attitude instilled in him while growing up within the cornfields of Indiana.

“In the past two year, I have been to over 300 radio stations sharing my music,” says the 22 year old, who is scheduled to play the Kendall County Fair on Saturday, August 4. “I know a lot of artists don’t do that anymore, but it’s extremely important to me to put a face and a personality to my music. It’s really about staying down to earth. My dad actually was in a country rock band and put out a few albums. When I started talking about making music my career, he always said that not only did I have to work my butt off, but I needed to keep everything in check. I was raised on good values and Southern discipline.”

D.J. Miller

Currently putting the final touches on his first album and enjoying the success of hits such as “Between Sundays” and the heart wrenching “Ink on my Skin”, Miller says he likes seeing where his career is headed these days.

“I have actually never been to Joe’s Bar before, but I have heard a lot about it,” he laughs about his upcoming performance at Joe’s on August 6. “I do know that a lot of big stars got their start there playing, so I’m very excited to take the stage there. It sure beats working on the farm every day.”


Catch DJ Miller at the Kendall County Fair on Aug. 4 or Joe’s Bar on Aug. 6.


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