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Review: Gloriana's A Thousand Miles Left Behind - Country Music Chicago
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Review: Gloriana’s A Thousand Miles Left Behind

Gloriana was formed back in 2008 and was then comprised of brothers Tom and Mike Gossin, Rachel Reinert and Cheyenne Kimball. In 2011 Kimball left the group and Gloriana became a threesome. Since Kimball’s departure, this is the now trio’s first album.

A Thousand Miles Left Behind features 11 tracks and was a wonderful listen. With the change in their dynamic, their sound now remnant of other country music trios but it’s a sound that is not a copy. The sound of the band is carried by Rachel Reinert. Her voice is beautiful, amazing, has incredible range and is so beautiful one doesn’t just want to listen, her voice draws you in to listen. It’s a captivating voice. The Gossin brothers also have great voices and the three of them together produce such wonderful harmonies that this CD is a pleasure to listen to.

The tracks are mainly love songs and ballads and this is not for the boot stompin’, dancin’ type. Where My Heart Belongs, and Turn My World Around showcase Reinerts’ fantastic voice while Soldier Song, and Carolina Rose showcase the voices of the Gossin brothers. Interestingly enough, the songs Can’t Shake You, (Kissed You) Good Night, Sunset Lovin’ and Gold Rush are a bit of a mirror to Lady Antebellum.

I’m anticipating their next studio album.  – Eileen


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