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Review: Kid Rock "Rebel Soul" - Country Music Chicago
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Review: Kid Rock “Rebel Soul”

Eileen’s Blog


Kid Rock released his ninth album in January.

By self-producing this album, it seem that it allowed Mr. Rock to be himself.  Back in control rather than giving up the reins to someone else as it appeared with “Born Free”. His songs, of course, span several different genres but on this album no one can reach multiple genres like Kid Rock can. Accompanied by the Twisted Brown Trucker Band, together they really seem to be having a good time performing all fourteen tracks.

From the “redneck country sound” with tracks – Redneck Paradise, Chickens in the pen –  to hip-hop, rap, blues and rock and roll, there is something for everyone on Rebel Soul.


He lends a tribute to servicemen in the already released Let’s Ride, as well as a tribute to his beloved Detroit. Rebel Soul and God Save Rock and Roll give us a bit of insight into what makes Bob Ritchie who he is. He even let’s his blues out with the track called 3 Catt Boogie.

Kid Rock is no doubt a rebel but, in my mind, he is also a leader. A true rocker with an extraordinary amount of talent. A consummate entertainer, he lends something to everyone jump from one genre to the next without missing a beat.

The ability to do that takes an extreme amount of talent and Kid Rock has that and more. He is someone we love to listen to and will keep on listening to and so we are eagerly anticipating his next.

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