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John Corbett: "Leaving Nothin' Behind" - Country Music Chicago
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John Corbett: “Leaving Nothin’ Behind”

Eileen’s Blog:

This is a second album for the established TV and movie actor, John Corbett (Northern Exposure, Sex and the City, My Big Fat Greek Wedding).

Although, Corbett’s music is quite foreign to me, my initial reaction was quite a wow. This man sounds like he was born to sing country. Most of the songs on this album are toe tappers. He has a very enjoyable, sweet voice with a country twang and these songs are pure pleasure to listen to.

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The songs on this CD are about the usual country themes of drinking, love lost, healing, moving on. The best song on this CD by far is Steal Your Heart. It’s a love song with a kicky toe tappin tune and very sweet. He ends the CD with Dairy Queen which is a love story from high school until forever. It’s very sad but very well done. The song Me and Whiskey is a little different. He sings as if Whiskey is a human, a friend he has known for a long time. While this is a recurring country theme, expressing it this way is not only clever, but poignant. Cocaine and communion has a beautiful melody and with his fantastic voice this and other songs on the CD are well worth the time to listen.

This second album is so well done that we want to hear more from this artist and hope we do very soon.

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