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Brad’s 10th studio album, released Aug. 26 featuring Emmylou Harris and Carrie Underwood has 15 tracks, 13 of which were written by Brad Paisley and is a classic CD. Classic Brad, classic country, toe tapping, sing along fun that we have come to know and love from Brad Paisley. This album also has a more of a back to your roots country sound than previous ones which gives us yet another reason to just love it.

Brad is excellent at poking fun at himself and others. This comes across in a wonderful way in High Life, poking fun at those who sued Paisley and Underwood for their duet Remind Me from another artist. Also noted is the play on words with one of America’s favorite beers.

Moonshine in the Trunk, Riverbank, Crushin’ It, and 4WP are songs that are pure fun, pure toe tapping, will make you smile, laugh and they are all Brad. Pure Brad. In 4WP ( “We’re gonna take this 4-wheel drive and put it into 4-wheel park”),who can listen to this and not relate to the feelings expressed? Who has never felt this way? We all have at one time or another and that fact makes you grin, laugh a little and toe tap along. He continues the fun with Limes. The old cliché of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade becomes “when life gives you limes, throw them in a blender and make margaritas.” again, grinning, and shaking our heads in agreement as we toe tap and sing along. Gone green features Emmylou Harris and Brad’s ever present sense of humor about saving the earth.

He also is very proud and patriotic . American Flag on the Moon and Country Nation reflect these feelings. Leading in with 54 seconds of a recording of JFK talking about Americans reaching the moon and asking why can’t we; American Flag on the Moon carries the message, if Americans can do that, we can do anything including a slight jab at government wasting time with gridlocks and arguing and pointing out that while they are doing that look at what we CAN do. The children’s choir toward the ending of the song is a very nice touch as well. Country Nation has an uplifting message about how great our country is “we are a country nation”, country music lovers, country accomplishments, we can all work together and accomplish great things.

There are a couple of nice, low key love songs like Perfect Storm, You Shouldn’t Have to and Shattered Glass. These are light, fun great to listen to songs featuring that amazing guitar playing Brad is known for. He ends the album with Me and Jesus which is more of a personal song featuring his faith in Jesus and how he feels that Jesus is always with him. Once again amazing guitar playing.

This album is fun, and carries uplifting messages and will make you smile, laugh, toe tap and sing along. Well worth the money and the time. Who doesn’t want to feel good? This CD by Brad will make you feel good but then again Brad always does.