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Clint Black is back On Purpose

On Purpose is Clint Black’s first full-length studio album in ten years. The reason for the long time lapse was not writers block. Black had a wealth of new music. He did not want to be produced, shaped or forced into a sound that is becoming more popular in country lately (bro-country, rapping). He shopped around for a label that would let him be himself and found one, Thirty Tigers a company that didn’t try to force Black into a pre-conceived type and just let him do what he does best, write and sing. All fourteen songs on this new CD (Sept 2015) were either written or co-written by Black. As the title says he did this on purpose to be himself.

Those who already love Clint Black from years ago will adore this CD. The lyrics and melodies as well as his voice which has a range from tenor to baritone is classic Black. You Still Get to Me (duet with wife Lisa Hartman Black), Better and Worse, Time For That, The Last Day, One Way to Live are different melodies and lyrics but carry Black’s classic themes of slowing down, taking time for yourself, and reflecting on what you have.

The trouble is a very interesting song about falling for someone you know is not right for you but you fall in love anyway. Breathing Air, Making You Smile ,Right on Time are love songs . He has a classic break-up song (what country CD doesn’t have at least one of those) with a bit of a twist. Stay Gone refers to memories, not a person.

He also has a song called Beer which is a tribute to that ubiquitous beverage as he sings about the “ international language of beer….” and a rather critical song on the state of news that isn’t really news. If you know Black at all you know he will finish a CD with a melodic homage to a favorite season Summertime Song.

We’ve missed this balladeer so much. Listening to this CD and that melodic voice he is so well loved for is like coming home again. There is no better feeling/comfort on earth and Black delivers in a wonderful way as he always has. Let’s hope he doesn’t wait another ten years for his next CD.

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