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It’s Full Circle for country music’s Loretta Lynn

As I sat down to listen to Full Circle, Loretta Lynn’s new album, I could not help but hear Coal Miner’s Daughter, her signature song in my head. It’s very difficult to listen to Loretta or talk and read about her without the refrains of Coal Miner’s daughter in the background. After more than 10 years, the 83 year old country icon has released her new CD with all the sound, quality and writing she is known for and with all the grace she always has. As with good country CDs, sitting down to listen to this you feel like you are on the couch in your living room with her and her family as she sings about life, love, loss, history and her family, what all good country songs are about.

Full Circle is impossible to review. It’s Loretta, pure and simple. This CD is everything you would expect from the 83-year-old country icon, including duets with friends Elvis Costello and Willie Nelson who join her to sing on two of the tracks. She is not trying out new material on this CD, she is simply being herself singing songs we have come to know and love such as Whispering Sea the first song she ever wrote (released in 1960).

This woman has done so much for country music and the music world in general. Her story has been told countless times. She needs no review from anyone. She is Loretta Lynn and that speaks volumes.

This CD like the icon herself is timeless, ageless and leaves us wanting more as always.

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