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Country Music Chicago was created to support the musical arts, deliver country music news, promote country music artists and songwriters, support the local country music scene and help Chicago become the premier country music destination outside the City of Nashville. In addition to promoting the country music industry and Chicago’s vibrant music scene, Country Music Chicago strives to serve as an advocate for the musical arts and arts education.


In early 2008, was created to promote country music events, deliver news and
promote the musical arts in Chicago, its surrounding suburbs and Northern Illinois as‐well‐as become a one‐stop resource for all things country music in the region. CMC works closely with event venues, media outlets, promoters and artists to bring its users current news and information about upcoming country music related events in and around Chicago.

One of Country Music Chicago’s main focus is to highlight the amazing talent of country music artists from Nashville and around the nation, as‐well‐as provide a venue for aspiring talent from Chicago and other cities.

Editorial Mission:’s editorial mission is to provide high‐quality, user‐friendly content that is appealing to its users as‐well‐as be the source for all things country music in the Chicago region. Today, when consumers are bombarded with information from every angle, CMC strives to provide concise, easy‐to‐read articles and features.


With the rapid, limitless growth of the internet, the possibilities of are endless. CMC is committed to being on the forefront of news and technology. Plans are in development to bring CMC into a print medium but as the internet continues to take a larger share of the information market, CMC is committed to its online edition because of its extreme flexibility in content and audience reach.