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Alan Jackson – Freight Train

Alan Jackson – Freight Train

Freight Train
By: Alan Jackson

Release Date: March 30, 2010

For a man with 13 studio albums under his belt, Alan Jackson’s 14th album “Freight Train” shows nothing less than his respectable talent as a singer/songwriter. The driving force behind it all, his life, makes for those winsome hit singles. In nearly all of his songs, Jackson takes listeners on a lyrical journey through his past and present. His music commonly stars his family, including the recollection of his daughters’ youth in “After 17” and soft, eloquent memories about his wife in “Every Now and Then.” Jackson also keeps things fresh with a combination of honky-tonk sounds and downtempo beats alternating throughout the album.

When Jackson’s not singing about his wife and children, he croons about the moments in life that shape his happiness. “That’s Where I Belong” radiates freedom and weightlessness while the lead track declares a humble man’s indulgence in making a career with a “Hard Hat And A Hammer.”

Jackson rekindles those first-crush butterflies with “Lovin’ Thing” and addresses a love that slipped through the spaces between your fingers in “Tail Lights Blue”, a song that is guaranteed to help relate to that achin’ heart.

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Track Listing:

  1. Hard Hat And A Hammer
  2. Every Now And Then
  3. After 17
  4. It’s Just That Way  – HOT
  5. Freight Train
  6. Taillights Blue
  7. I Could Get Used To This Lovin’ Thing
  8. Till The End (with Lee Ann Womack)
  9. That’s Where I Belong
  10. Big Green Eyes
  11. True Love Is A Golden Ring
  12. The Best Keeps Getting Better

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