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Scott Winterroth, Author at Country Music Chicago
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Update on Country Music Chicago

Hello There! If you’re reading this, y’all found me. Hey, it’s 2021. It’s taken me a while to write this but after a weekend at my parent’s house in my old bedroom, I was reminiscing a bit.

Country Music Chicago was an incredible project that I started in 2008 and carried on for many years. For those of you who I met and worked with, thank you. There are numerous partners and fans that I developed over the years and very honored to serve you all.

Let’s face it the music has changed as well. It’s been many years since I visited a country music concert, COVID didn’t help that matter. The country music business has changed, the nation we live in is more complicated than ever. Not to mention personally, life simply gets in the way.

I went on to explore new passions and build other communities, including ones that taught others how to build blogs and communities like Country Music Chicago at my startup,

Most importantly, Country Music Chicago was an incredible experiment and something I would do all over again if I had the chance. In fact, this site does live on in many ways. It’s uprising is a big portion of my book which is a marketing strategy that I forged from creating content and posting it to this WordPress site. Plus, many of the strategies and tactics I used then still apply today.

I hope that I’ve inspired many and that others can leverage websites and blogs to build a voice online and be found.

That’s my story, thank you for being a part of it and I hope that we can reconnect again in the future. I’m sure I’ll be back someday, the Circle is Unbroken as they say. Bye for now. – Scott

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Neal McCoy, Bullriders set for Sears Centre

The Professional Championship Bullriders returns to Chicago for the World Tour Finale VII at the Sears Centre Arena February 1 & 2, 2013, and country star Neal McCoy is set for a stage show to the fans following the first night of competition. The world’s best bull riders will battle the toughest, rankest bulls ever… Continue Reading

The Nashville Network returns to Chicago airwaves

The Nashville Network (TNN) announced today that it will syndicate locally, over-the-air, on WPVN-Chicago 24.3. WPVN began broadcasting TNN’s programming over-the-air on channel 24.3 last Friday when its new transmitter came online atop the Trump International Hotel and Tower.  TNN anticipates carriage of WPVN’s TNN channel via Chicago cable outlets in the near future. Kent… Continue Reading

Channel 7 covers the Country Scene

Joe’s Bar, US99 and received a special shout out from ABC7 Chicago reporter John Garcia during a special segment featuring the local country music scene.  The report aired on the 10PM newscast following the CMA Awards, which also aired on the same network. “Sources” tell me John is quite the country fan himself.  So if you… Continue Reading

Dierks Bentley tapped for 2012 Taste

Country music star Dierks Bentley has been tapped as a headliner for the 2012 Taste of Chicago festival. Bentley, along with Lindi Ortega, are marked as headliners for the 3,000-seat pavilion at the Petrillo Music Shell, located within Grant Park. on Sunday, July 15, 2012. Entrance to the annual lakefront festival remains free, but for… Continue Reading

Country Music strikes a home run in 2012

Country Music strikes a home run in 2012

Ticket Alert:  After dodging a bunch scrutiny by the surrounding neighborhood and special approval from Chicago’s City Hall, country music power trio Rascal Flatts made history as the first country artists to play Chicago’s very own Wrigley Field. A concert that went on to sell-out with a mere 37,000 fans that cool July evening in… Continue Reading

US99’s New Phone Number

For country fans here in Chicago, there’s one phone number we all pretty much knew by heart… 312-591-US99. How many of you had it programmed into your phone? I know I did! Well, as part of what looks like a studio move, the new US99.5 studios has a new caller contest line.  So here it… Continue Reading